Frequently Asked Questions on the CyberPatriot Discord.

Can I use ____?

If you made it yourself, yes. You cannot use any resources specifically made for CyberPatriot, An internet resource can only be used if it is free and "publicly and reasonably available to all teams". This rule applies to software tools as well. Printed media is allowed.

Can I have ____ without doing any work myself?

No. This competition takes work to get points on images, whether they are positive or negative. Also, why bother competing if you aren't willing to put in work?

Can you give me a checklist?

Short answer, no. We are not allowed to share CyberPatriot checklists

However, some retired CyberPatriot competitors have shared some of their checklists, so feel free to check them out in the resources page. Along with that, there are also the CIS benchmarks, which are great for policy configuration.

Can you give me a script?

Yes, but the best kind of script someone will give you is usually something along the lines of sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root

Other than that, no. It's against the rules to share scripts, and it won't help you to get scripts from other people. If you really want a script, look them up on GitHub or some other site. Please be aware that using a script authored by other competitors for use in the competition (even if it is publicly available) is not allowed.

Can you share vulnerabilities?

Other than the practice round vulnerabilities, no.

Can you save vulnerabilities?

Quoted from someone who makes images for CyberPatriot:

Well, I'm not an expert on the rules but I personally don't see a problem with it as long as it is just for you or your team

Note from Drakon: Also not an expert on the rules, but I remember there was some mention of not being allowed to do it before. I'd play it safe.

My mentor didn't give me a netacad account, and I need to log into netacad. How can I do so?

If you are currently competing, log into netacad using the following information:

Username: public id (omit the "-") + "cp"

Password: Unique Identifier (includes the "-"s) + "cp"

What are the common acronyms used for this competition

noho = North Hollywood High School

dn = Del Norte High School

cypat = Cyberpatriot

cali = California

calipatriot = Reference to California's dominance in competition

as = All Service

ms = Middle School

vuln = Vulnerability

Cybertitan = Canadian Cyberpatriot

Cybercenturion = United Kingdom Cyberpatriot

Cybertaipan = Australian Cyberpatriot